Teaching with digital tools for children with special needs

How can teaching with digital tools be more inclusive?
Martina works as a teacher in a special education school. Her students with autism or dyslexia need individualized instruction.
The school is now working with the Swiss Online School. The Swiss Online School is completely built with Moodle according to curriculum 21. This means that Martina can now organize her lessons in a more inclusive way as follows:
1. the Swiss Online School allows students to have choices in the learning process. The subjects are structured according to the topics of Curriculum 21 and so each student can choose which topic he or she would like to tackle first. Of course, there is also the option of simply going in order. But above all, everyone can work at the pace that suits them. Special tools in Moodle give the student the choice for the next step and ultimately lead to the same learning goal. Martina stays in the background as a learning coach and helps individually.
2. many tasks can be solved alone, in pairs or in groups, depending on the learning type of the student. Martina can thus use the cognitive potential of the class and the students* can learn in their peer group. Those who prefer to solve the task alone can do so as well.
3. each task and topic offers different types of resources. For each video there is a text. For each text there is an audio. With Moodle there is the possibility to present the same task on with different media. Here, too, the individual needs of a particular type of learner are taken into account. There is also the possibility to print texts, if this is desired and serves the learning success.
4. audio feedback on tasks or tasks help especially students with dyslexia.
5. individual feedback can be given to each student. Communication is asynchronous and students move at different speeds. So Martina can respond to each student individually.
Intermediate tests, such as quizzes, are frequently used by Martina to provide students with automated information about their learning. However, the interim tests are playful and there is no grade for them. Martina can, however, use the results to again address individual needs.
This is just a few of the many possibilities in the Swiss Online School classroom.