The success recipe of the American Online School

ENROLL NOW: K-12 education independent from location or schedule

The American Online School is a 100% digital school system for all grades from Kindergarten to High school, including college preparation courses.

Students log into their computer profiles and find subjects of their grade level on the digital learning management platform. Everyone goes at their own pace and decides freely in which order the courses will be completed. After selecting a course, different tasks become available which will have to be completed to advance within the course. A tutor will review the student’s work and give feedback asynchronously. In addition, remote tutors are available for questions or if problems arise. However, the goal is to foster independence, computer-literacy, and self-learning, which means the students are responsible for the quality of their learning experience and motivation.

Besides an innovative education system, the American Online school values equal access for all students and individually tailored learning.

Grades & Classes

First grade open for enrollment!

In planning: Pre-school to 12th grade. Courses are created daily!

The American Online School is an alternative to traditional homeschooling (and/or public and private schools) and was modeled after the successful Swiss Online School that has been educating children and adults for the past several years in Switzerland. New content is continuously created if a grade is not available yet. Enroll in the Newsletter to learn immediately when grades are ready for enrollment. 

Students learn at their own pace and at their selected time at home or on the-go (internet access is required to access course content). Such individualism and self-organization are core competencies of tomorrow.

The American Online School allows student of all states to participate as our curriculums and syllabi follow state policies and rules. Students have a high success rate at national standardized tests and at the end of their High School classes for the college admission test (e.g., SAT, ACT, etc.).

Prerequisites & Start

A start with us is possible at anytime throughout the year 

Wherever you go, your classroom is always at your fingertips. Independent from the student’s age or location, a student can fulfill their primary and secondary school requirements. There are no prerequisites to attend the American Online School, but the school will fulfill all state-mandated requirements of homeschooling.

Affordable, flexible, and self-paced. Knowledge-gaps are avoided as children will spend more time on topics that are more difficult for them but will be able to move along quicker in subjects that they find easier.

Tuition & Fees

Affordable education ala carte and on-demand

Whatever your needs, we have a solution. Whether a student needs to get extra credits for university admission, requires more time for elementary grades, or likes to advance quicker than possible at a public secondary school, the American Online school provides a high-quality and flexible education.

A grade* costs US$4000. Scholarships of up to $800 per grade are available for eligible students. Individual courses cost US$500. A one-time enrollment fee is US$200.

Please contact us for more information.

*With the American Online School, a single grade can start anytime and will require an equivalent of approximately 180 school days (or as mandated by the state of residence). However, as long as annual attendance records are fulfilled (according to state law), the school year can take as long as the students requires it.

Onboarding American Online School

Contact us

Carla Schubiger

Carla Schubiger

CEO American Online School

Carla has a decade of experience teaching at the university level. She has a doctorate in Science and a Master’s in Public Administration. She is a two-time All-American Athlete and triathlon coach.



Curriculum developer / tutor

Gianna is an experienced K-12 educator with a background in German and English.

Milan Schmed

Milan Schmed

Head of Pedagogy / Co-Founder

Milan Schmed is a lecturer in didactics at the University of Teacher Education St.Gallen, Switzerland, a teacher and youth coach. He has profound knowledge in developmental psychology topics and knows the latest didactic research results. He is considered one of the leading experts in digital transformation of teaching, is an e-didactics and Moodle expert. He is a co-founder of the successful Swiss Online School.

Nicole Schubiger

Nicole Schubiger

Head of Administration / Co-Founder

Nicole is an accomplished entrepreneur with a doctorate in business. She is the mother of two teenage sons and a husky pup.

You can get to know our teachers by clicking on the class login above or the red button "To the classes".

The American Online School is a great fit for:

  • Homeschoolers in the USA and abroad
  • Student who profit from independent, self-paced learning at a location of choice
  • Students who like to be in charge of their own education
  • Students with mobility restrictions or health concerns
  • Families who travel often
  • Parents who are looking for a contemporary and innovative homeschool model with tutors
  • Students who like to get ahead with computer literacy and enjoy multimedia learning
  • Students who work part- or full-time
  • Students who like to get extra credits, take AP courses, take electives (e.g., foreign languages, etc.)
  • Students with special talents, such as musicians and athletes, who require flexible school hours
  • Students who attend a public school but like to either repeat learning materials and subjects, add extra credits for college admission, or simply need more/less time
  • Students who dont feel comfortable in public or private (brick and mortar) schools and look for an online option
  • Adult learners who like to get a HS diploma
  • Foreign students who like to get a US K-12 education
  • etc.

Feedback and reviews from parents and students:

  • … the free trial lectures sparked excitement in our daughter…
  • I barely recognize my son, he cannot stop talking about school.
  • Thank you for the free trial lectures, we were very excited to get a few glimpses into the school before deciding to sign up.
  • Whole-heartedly THANK YOU for your work and the great tutoring! Thanks to your efforts, our children enjoy school again! In addition, the interactive modules are engaging and facilitate learning. We are looking forward to the next grade!
  • The feedback from the tutors were great and insightful! Even wrong answers contributed to our kid’s learning!

Free trial lecture & Newsletter

Would you like to take the American Online School for a test run and try a free lecture? Contact us! We will decide in a brief chat with you and/or your parents what lecture would be a best fit to get to know us.

We also have a newsletter if you like to keep posted on our school and new offers. Sign up!

Contact Info

We are very much looking forward to getting to know you. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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